Re : Roleplaying groups

Date: Tue 14 Mar 2000 - 12:54:55 EET

Mikko Rintasaari

>> If you're content with the literary reality, where jokes, parody, and
>> all manner of silliness abound, fine; I enjoy it too. But when I'm
>> working at level 3, which is the goal of the better roleplaying groups,
>> I want to know what Gloranthans call their cities. Old, stale jokes
>> don't cut it at this level.

>And after this rather sensible definition a great number of people rushed
>to point their noses high into the air and demand and apology for this
>such oppressive elitist comments.

And quite rightly too. Although I'd have thought if anyone was sticking
their noses high into the air, it is those people who talk about 'better
roleplaying groups', implying that any groups who don't play the way
they do are bad roleplaying groups.

>Well, for my part I agree with the above. I have nothing agains people who
>just want to gather around for a few pints and a spot of gaming, none too
>Personally I think RPG can achieve much more than just simple "having
>fun", and striving to get closer to the mentioned level 3 is definitely
>one of the keys.

My main beef with this kind of categorisation is that it's both
subjective and simplistic. What is 'Glorantha as it appears to it's
inhabitants' realy like? Does it not have Nasobemes, Grotarons and Ducks?
Are these not part of the gritty, realistic Glorantha preffered by
'better' roleplayers?

What about category 2 : 'Literary reality'. What does that mean? Suppose
I want to run a Gloranthan campaign in the style of the Eddas, or in
an epic Homeric style? This rather crass system of categorisation lumps
me in with the 'old stale jokers', unworthy to run the game for 'better
roleplaying groups'.

>I want to explore new ways of thinking, ethics and metaphysics,
>_as_well_as_ have fun.

So do I, but that doesn't mean I can't have a fantastic time playing an
MGF scenario at a convention.

>There... just call me an elitist bastard too.

I don't care whether you are being elitist, you can be as elitist
as you like. My criticism is that you're being simplistic,
divisive and abusive.

Simon Hibbs


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