Does Orlanth wear woad?

From: Alexandre Lanciani (
Date: Tue 14 Mar 2000 - 14:03:19 EET

[Bob Stancliff]

> Frankly, Alex, I can't remember a single myth where Orlanth
> wore woad
> into battle. Most of his combat myths start with the Armoring Ceremony.

        Three possible answers:

1) "What?! You don't know The Making of the First Pot of Woad story? Here in
the Hawkwind clan it's one of the first tales we tell our children!" (which
is a IC way to say: there are IMG).

2) Yes but before having stolen/conquered the weapons and armors he used in
the Armoring ceremony, what did he wear? Woad, of course!

3) Orlanth does not, OK. But what of his weaponthane, the many nameless
young god-warriors of the Storm Tribe? And Vinga is a weaponthane, so she
should wear woad as the others. Wouldn't you agree?

        Which one do you prefer (should you prefer one)? :)

> At least three years ago I made a house rule that took the woad spell from
> Orlanth and gave it to Storm Bull. It feels far more correct and 'mythic'
> for worshippers of a Blue Berseker God to paint themselves blue and run
> naked, and screaming, into battle... even the women.

        Ah, but you're not criticizing my story. Rather you don't like the
attribution of the Bless Woad spell?

        Well, I don't know. I'm not skilled enough in Glorantha Lore to change
something so deeply rooted in canon. Especially because I like the image of
naked screaming bright blue barbarians charging a compact formation of
shimmering Solars with burning lances pointed forward. ;)

        An alliterative Alex.


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