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From: Bruce Hollebone (
Date: Tue 14 Mar 2000 - 15:57:47 EET

Alex Ferguson <> writes:
> I think that's so. At least in the sense that one can go quite a few
> raids without fatality, not that they _can't_ get very nasty and bloody,
> either by intent or by cock-up.

Surely healing magic has a lot to do with this too. In our world, if a young
man went aviking and got a spear in his stomach for his trouble, he would
spend the next few days writhing in pain before expiring from peritonitis.
On an Orlanthi raid, our young warrior would be dragged off the battle
field and healed by his aunt. Sure, he would be sore for a season, but he
would still be alive and he has a nice scar to show to his new girlfriend.

I think this effect hasn't been emphasized enough. The Orlanthi would
appear brave to the point of being foolhardy to an Irish clansmen because
the consequences of injury are much less.

It balances out though. Disease in Glorantha is worse than on Earth.

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