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Hi everyone,

Master Gollum writes :

> 1) Who is Starblow? What is the Battle of Queens?

Well, first of all it's Starb_r_ow, because she has a star on her
brow (there's even a nifty illustration of her in the Wyrms
Footnotes), and she was queen of Sartar according to King Of Sartar
from 1625-1626. I believe she's Jane Williams soul-sister, so feel
free to look on her pages for all the info needed on her. Basically
she is a Kheldon King with a claim to the throne of Sartar. (Did I
mention that she is a fox as well? *l*)

As for the Battle of the Queens I just give you the text from King of

"King Moirades' generals called the Phargentites, received command of
the remaining imperial troops in the provinces, and led them with the
Tarsh army to conquer the disheartened Sartarites. They met where the
Creek meets the Upland Marsh, at the Battle of the Queens.
   The Sartarites were outnumbered but held good position. Shortly
after noon a band of Lunar elite soldiers were teleported behind the
commanders, and because her household had been weakened so much the
good Queen Kallyr was killed in battle. But Queen Beti Leika of the
Colymar dove the enemy opposite her warriors intothe river where they
drowned, which caused the lunar attack to stop. The next day Queen
Beti harassed the survivors so much that they retired to Aldachur."

There is no date for this, but I presume it's in 1626, and some even
say that the soldiers who were teleported got there because of some
traitor (namely one later called Argrath), who helped it...

Which just makes me wonder about the whole incident. You know, the
Lunars are driven into a river and defeated there. This remind me
very much of the Battle of Hofstaring's Flood. Now, my question to
this, do the Orlanthi have some connection to river spirits I do not
know about ? I was thinking that Orlanth was an enemy to the water
spirits, but it seems somehow they get fine along. Note how this
could be connected to Argrath who gave once back a child back to the
river Oslir, IIRC that is... anyone in for wild speculations about
that one ?

> 2)I'm writing a page of
Sartar, someone know the name of 24 orlanthi clans? I discover the
name of them in a map of Prax: Amad, Tutaros, Tres, Bachad, Torkani,
Dinacoli, Princeros, Malani, Cinsia, Vantaros, Culbrea, Colymar,
Aranwyth, Balmyr, Cultain, Sylangi, Lokaem, Dundealos, Balkoth,
Kheldon, Sambari, Lismelder and !?Ducks!? <-- They are an orlanthi

Well, the Telmori are missing. And I guess it's either the Ducks or
the Poljoni.

> 3)I don't understand the role of sartar telmoris after the lunar
invasion of Sartar. They was alied of Lunar?

Now that made me laugh real hard.
As if we good Telmori would ever forget what "nice" Honeel did to

Well, here's my pet theory (and that of some other guys as well).
Kallyr had good connections with the Telmori. It's said she faught
along there side in 1607 when Jomes Wulf with the Lunars and parts of
the Orlanthi got to them. But as soon as Argrath appears they seem
very anti-kingdom. And the big question is why ? Well, one fine
explanation goes that Argrath is NO heir to the throne of Sartar (and
the Telmori have sword loyalty to the bloodline of Sartar), and
that's why they want to drive Argrath from the throne. But "good"
Argrath has just too many people backing him against them, and King
of Sartar says that they become extinct in Sartar (I think actually,
they do migrate somewhere else, yet again).

Oh, I guess this is the perfect time for a shameless plug for my
Telmori pages. See the link below for more of such theories.

Hope that helped in some way...

P.S.: Might I suggest getting a credit card and ordering all the
wonderful Gloranthan stuff online ? It worked for me, despite all
those wild speculations on security.
bye, Thomas

"Dreams are the best things reality has to offer..."

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