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Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 00:22:29 EET

Back in Digest 444 when we were discussing Cragspider, Dark Troll or
ancient darkness nymph, I asked some questions about the Blue Moon
Empire :- We seemed to reach a general consensus on Cragspider - or at
least no one posted any widely divergent views, but no one came back on
the Blue Moonies.

In the hope that this was just an oversight, I'll ask again...

> According to my WB&RM (2nd ed. 1976)
> in the Miscellanea "The Empire of the Wyrm's Friends" pp51-52
>" The second of these foes was the Duchy of the Blue Moon, far to the
>North. This region had never been planned by the Soul Arranger, who had
>been seduced away from his work by a masterful witch nymph later called
>Cragspider. The void left in the region was filled during the Great
>Night by a race of nether creatures who were the children of the Blue
>Moon, an unborn deity decaying in it's mothers bowels."
>The Blue Moon Empire bit sounds intriguing as well. Who are/were the
>"nether creatures" who were "governed by shrouded priests ... spreading
>the Lunar Doctrine as a secret path to wisdom"? I know that there are
>Troll's living on the Blue Moon Plateau, and presumably they arrived
>there during the Great Night, when they fled Yelm's presence in
>Wonderhome - Does this passage refer to them, or do/did they co-exist
>with another race (one of Glorantha's many blue people that I can never
>get straight...?). Either way, Cragspider's part in providing them with
>a home probably means that she has some sort of following there as well
>as in Dagori Inkarth...

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