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Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 00:17:09 EET

Just to add my couple of bolg - I'll try and clarify rather than just

>* Do Action Points (AP) return to their starting value every episode (ie
>adventure), or every scene (ie combat)?

They reset every scene, although, as has been pointed out a scene may be
any number of related actions - so defeating the Broo in combat won't
necessarily reset your points if it's pal is about to jump you from

>If the answer is 2 times the APs they bid, then why bid more than 1 AP?
>That way the most you can lose is 3 AP (ie if you fumble and your opponent
>crits). Or is there some other benefit of bidding a large number of APs?

The bidding of points is (supposed to be) related to the actions you are
taking, so again, in combat a bid of 1 AP is "I hide behind my shield,
and tentatively jab my spear in his general direction" - you aren't
exposing yourself to any great risk, but then you aren't likely to win
the combat very quickly. A high bid might be the result of "Screaming
my battle cry I leap in to the fray swinging my sword around my head in
both hands, determined to knock him down, cleave him in two, or
preferably both". If you succeed, it is going to hurt him, but if you
fail, you are leaving yourself exposed to greater harm.
>* Parting shots. I can make one if I reduce an opponent to under 0 APs.
>So what is a parting shot?

I'll come back to this one in a minute....
>* In combat, each side is trying to reduce the other to 0 APs. Does this
>mean that combat results (Dazed, Hurt, Injured, Dying) are only worked out
>once one side is below 0 APs and this is determined by looking at the
>Consequences Chart? (Ignoring the fact that someone can injure
>themselves by trading APs lost for wounds).

Yes. This is probably one of the most obvious differences in HeroWars,
In RQ, (and most other RPG's) you can be worn down by attrition as the
damage you take, even in a successful fight, eventually makes it (even
more) dangerous to fight again. HW is presenting a more "heroic" view -
rather like in an action movie or "The A Team" the majority of the
damage you take in a fight is "cosmetic" - your shirt is ripped, your
hair is messed up, and maybe you have a small cut, but you don't usually
need to say "Hang on guys, I'll sit this next fight out".

Of course this is why your Action Points might not reset at the end of
the fight. Carving through the villains flunkeys does not leave you
winded, but the struggle with his chief bodyguard might even if you beat

This is also the reason for you wanting to make a parting shot (or to
put it another way, continue for another round after defeating your
opponent). Since the size of the defeat, and thus the effect on your
opponent are only determined once the contest is over, you might want to
ensure your victory is a resounding one...

I hope this has made things clearer rather than leaving you more
confused than before...
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