Charismatic Wisdom

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Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 01:24:35 EET

Greg the RuneMaster:

>Just a little question : in the french edition of the Gods of
>Glorantha (Les Dieux de Glorantha, edited by Oriflam) there is a
>desciption of the Path of immanent mastery. The text explain that a
>student can learn the skill "Charismatic Wisdom" but there's no
>explaination of this skill. I would like to know if there is a
>description of this skill in the original edition or elsewhere and, if
>you can give it. Thank you all.

        Charismatic Wisdom Special
        This special skill cannot be improved by normal means. Instead,
        when the cultist is first accepted, he gains a score in this
        skill equal to his (INT+POW)-20. No category modifiers apply.
        This skill may only be increased by research on the part of the
        lay student himself. At any time, the student may attempt a
        skill roll against his Charismatic Wisdom before a panel of
        members of the inner circle. Success indicates that he is
        accepted as a full initiate of the cult. If he fails, 3D6
        percentiles is subtracted from his Charismatic Wisdom skill. If
        he fumbles, then he dies during the test and his body is destroyed.

        This skill has abosolutely no value outside of obtaining
        membership in the Inner Circle of the cult. It is concerned
        solely with knowledge of the inner cult secrets, which are
        uninteresting and incomprehensible to outsiders.

        If at any time a character's Charismatic Wisdom score drops to
        0% or below, he is immediately released from the cult and cannot
        return until he has fulfilled all the normal requirements. POW
        previously sacrificed in acceptance does count towards his chances
        of acceptance
                        Gods of Glorantha p46.

Rick Meints states that Sandy is always putting down the description
of this cult so feel free to substitute your own definition. I
personally dislike the first sentence of the second paragraph and
feel that the strength of one's draconic transformations should
depend on the Charismatic Wisdom score.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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