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Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 01:24:41 EET

>1) Who is Starblow?

Starbrow. Kallyr Starbrow. Sartarite heroine of the cult of Vinga.
Briefly Queen of Sartar after *she* liberated the country from the
Lunars, not that arriviste, treacheros so-and-so Argrath. Died under
*very* mysterious circumstances.

>What is the Battle of Queens?

Sorry Dunno.
>2)I'm writing a page of Sartar, someone know the name of 24 orlanthi
>clans? I discover the name of them in a map of Prax: Amad, Tutaros,
>Tres, Bachad, Torkani, Dinacoli, Princeros, Malani, Cinsia, Vantaros,
>Culbrea, Colymar, Aranwyth, Balmyr, Cultain, Sylangi, Lokaem, Dundealos,
>Balkoth, Kheldon, Sambari, Lismelder and !?Ducks!? <-- They are an
>orlanthi tribe??

Yes, the Ducks are a tribe of the Kingdom of Sartar and most of them
worshipped the Orlanthi pantheon. What's the matter? Are you suffering
from anti-avian prejudice?
>3)I don't understand the role of sartar telmoris after the lunar
>invasion of Sartar. They was alied of Lunar?

They were loyal to the House of Sartar. For a while that meant being
bodyguards to that idiot Temertain. Then they enthusiastically switched
alliegance to Kallyr. And then that *EXPLETIVE DELETED* Argrath
exterminated them.

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