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From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 01:52:27 EET

Master Gollum:

>1) Who is Starblow? What is the Battle of Queens?

Kallyr Starbrow was the Queen of the Kheldron Tribe who lead
a revolt against the Lunar Empire in 1613. For her part, she
was exiled in the resulting peace negotiations (sparked by the
appearance of a claimant to throne of Sartar) and is now in
Heortland. She has a star upon her brow which was given to her
by her divine lover, whom I think is Orlanth.

She will return in 1625 and cause the brown dragon to devour
half the Lunar Army. For her deeds, she will be acclaimed
Queen of Sartar (ahead of Argrath!) and rule until 1630 whereupon
she kills Gunda the Guilty and is killed by Harrek in return.
Upon her death, Argrath takes over as Prince of Sartar and plays
down her accomplishments.

The Battle of Queens was a battle fought in 1626 between the
Sartarites and the Tarshites, where the Creek meets the
Upland Marsh. Kallyr was said to have been killed in the
battle (by teleporting lunar soldiers) whereupon Queen Leika
of the Colymar took command and managed to win the battle
and force the Tarshites to retreat to Aldachur.

>2)I'm writing a page of Sartar, someone know the name of 24 orlanthi
>clans? I discover the name of them in a map of Prax: Amad, Tutaros,
>Tres, Bachad, Torkani, Dinacoli, Princeros, Malani, Cinsia, Vantaros,
>Culbrea, Colymar, Aranwyth, Balmyr, Cultain, Sylangi, Lokaem, Dundealos,
>Balkoth, Kheldon, Sambari, Lismelder and !?Ducks!? <-- They are an
>orlanthi tribe??

The Sylangi are not a Sartarite tribe, but a Volsaxi one and
incorporate the old Kultain tribe as of 1619 (Lunar invasion
of Heortland). The Dundealos Tribe have been replaced by the
Enstalos after the former revolted in 1618. AFAIK the Ducks
are one of the tribes that make up Sartar and the Telmori are
the only one that you have left out.

The twenty-fourth tribe probably is the Maboder who were
destroyed in 1606.

>3)I don't understand the role of sartar telmoris after the lunar
>invasion of Sartar. They was alied of Lunar?

No. In 1607, they devoured the Maboder tribe, who were Lunar
sympathizers that had refused to fight for Sartar in 1602.
Whereupon Jomes Wulf lead Lunars forces to subjugate the Telmori.
He appropiated some Telmori land (that formerly belonged to the
Maboder) and converted it to a fief of his that he called Wulfsland.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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