Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 02:31:30 EET

>3)I don't understand the role of sartar telmoris after the lunar
>invasion of Sartar. They was alied of Lunar?

>They were loyal to the House of Sartar. For a while that meant being
>bodyguards to that idiot Temertain. Then they enthusiastically switched
>alliegance to Kallyr. And then that *EXPLETIVE DELETED* Argrath
>exterminated them.

In my Gwandor campaign they are allied with one Argrath and draw the fire of
another Argrath in the continuing battles for control of the kingdom that
stretch on till the fall of the moon. In my timeline, based on Gregs
comments, there are up to half a dozen Argraths and they control different
parts of Sartar, ally, fight, ally again and then try to kill each other or
send nasty allies like Harrek to do their dirty work. This makes a more
interesting period that a single monolothic Argrath for me. It also makes a
lot more sense of some of the odd wranglings in KoS. When you realise that
there are many divergent groups, some of the contradictions in the saga make




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