Starbrow, yet again

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Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 10:30:25 EET

Hi everyone

As a reply to Master Gollum's questions, Peter Metcalfe wrote :

> She [Kallyr] has a star upon her brow which was given to her
by her divine lover, whom I think is Orlanth.

Actually the King of Sartar says it's Polestar, which makes more
sense with the star on her head that Orlanth would do. I remember

that the choreography at the ritual in 1625 at the new temple was
hightly stelar inluenced in my opinion, one more hint why Kallyr was
so valuable.

KoS p.38
"In the fifth direction, Argrath called for the help of the stars.
The Polestar who ruled all of the sky now, sent his favorite lover to
help. This was the Starbrow."

However I am interested why you think it's Orlanth anyway.
bye, Thomas

"Dreams are the best things reality has to offer..."

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