Agrath, Kallyr and the Telmori

From: Thomas Gottschall (
Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 12:35:00 EET

Hi everyone,

going just through my archives I found something which might shed
some more light - not really - on the connection between Agrath, the
Telmori and Kallyr. It's one of my all time favourites.

It was written by Michael Cule (so hail him !)

The Wolfrunner's Song

Only the True Prince may command us.
Sartar's Kin or none at all.
The Wolf does not run for a mere King,
To fetch and carry his stick and ball.

Only the Changer's Line may summon
Telmor's Tribe to aid her Cause.
Loyalty freely given binds us:
Wolf Lord's Fangs serve Changer's Laws.

Starbrow came to claim our Life Oaths.
Starbrow came to light the Flame.
Starbrow came to free the Wind's Lord.
To tear the Moon down, Starbrow came.

Starbrow woke the Dragon Sleeping,
Starbrow broke the Red Lords' power,
Turned the tide and then at Boldhome
Brought the Changer's Flame to flower.

By her side then ran the Wolf-kin.
For the Prince we gave our breath.
Shielded her from every peril:
Loyal in life and loyal in death.

Starbrow forged the Great Alliance,
Made Kerofina's Tribes as One.
Watched her nearby, Argrath False Friend.
Starbrow's time was nearly done.

From the Sea then, came a roaring
White Bear leading Sea Wolves North.
Before the mighty walls of Boldhome
Starbrow lead Telmori forth.

As her wolves there fell to his wolves
And she went to meet her end
Did she know her reign's destruction
Was arranged for by a friend?

Now is Starbrow's work forgotten.
On her death pyre red flowers grow,
Showing Vinga still remembers.
As do the Wolves who saw and know.

Only the True Prince may command us
Sartar's Kin or none at all.
Though Argrath slay us to the last cub
The Wolves shall run to see him fall.
bye, Thomas

"Dreams are the best things reality has to offer..."


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