Re: Having fun on all levels

From: Alexandre Lanciani (
Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 17:29:27 EET

[Mikael Raaterova]

> Mikko Rintasaari

> >There... just call me an elitist bastard too.
> You're an elitist bastard too. There's only one truth about playing
> RPGs: if you have fun doing it, you are doing it right.

        Well, yes and no IMHO. The point of roleplaying games is to have fun (it's
a game after all) *roleplaying*. Otherwise there is no reason to call them
RPGs, no?

        If you play a RPG as you'd play a boardgame, or a wargame, you're not
roleplaying, but you are... Boardgaming? Wargaming? If you and your friends
meet each Friday evening to tell jokes you are not doing "true" roleplay,
you are telling funny jokes.

        And to roleplay properly a character you have to understand how he
perceives his world. Which is something I think the HW rules encourage you
to do. And probably in many ways the RQ rules did not (how does a character
asks his temple for a Bladesharp 3?) although they were at least partially
explainable from the character's POV, as opposed to the other game of the
time. Indeed, the RQ rules were born out of desire to simulate, while the
other game's rules were born out of "game balance".

        Anyway, I don't think to be an elitist bastard: I'm not saying that
roleplaying is better than wargaming, or more enjoyable. And in every
session (especially of RQ) there was IME a lot of both. But it's something
different. So, yes, better roleplaying groups should IMHO aim at level 3
reality. Better wargaming group probably will aim at level 1, better writers
at level 2 and better scientists at level 4. But I really don't see any
elitism in this.

        A unseeing Alex.


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