Mongolian Empire

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Another Approach to Seleran Empire:
Sheng Seleris Son of Sun (This term is refered from Redline History)

If we seek another type of World-wideness in Old World differ from Roman
Empire: Mongolian Empire was Greatest in Historical Realm and Territorial
(Their reign was short and Roman was more flexible to administrate large
territory with
"Great Cost" of Identity.)

Europians generally have underestimated Role of Tatar Empire simply because
they believe to see them as Legions of Taltaros in Greek Mythology: I think
they should have been more respected as mentioned in Journalist Daniel
Boorstin 1983 "The

Of course, Islamic historical View is differ from Chinese historical View as
cultural view difference to History itself. (And the two sides both
underestimated role of the other side in the Empire.)

Empire Expansion:
these events are contempolary of Europian Crusade (and many blunders)
Patriarch Innocent 4th (1223-1254) of Catholic Church sent a letter to
Mongolian Khan Guyuk before Lose of Wahlstatt 1241 with his "innocence" to
Worldwideness. Christian dissapointment losing Fantasy of Appearance of
Prester John Empire was so big that they could ignore debt to Gratitude for
Mongolian cleansing od Islamic cultural threat.

Mongol Empire (or Talar: but this term rather Westernized, I think Mongol is
more accurate name of Tribe include the Man later become Genghis Khan (means
Great Lord of Light) history. First, Blue Wolf Temsin (it means "Man of
Iron") was born Borderland of Empire Jin dynasty: Tunguisic Manchurian royal
family. He appeared many Chronicles as Great Spirit of Wasteland and
Aweness. But his glory in Asian Latter Dynasties were vast, and many Khans
and Sultans used his inheritance as glorious as Timur (His birth was in low
class). Modern Mongolians use his name as God of Cultural Unity: POV
dominates this domain.

History through Mongol have descripted many whole extermination of Enemy
Folks and "slaughter of alcazar". But this is also indicates ancient
Alienity to Modern Daylike Morality and narrow capacity of old day to
Generosity. Truth is not efficient to explain circumstance of that days.

"Travels of Marco Paolo" was filled with many window-dressing and fantasy of
Ghostwriter of Marco. (Fantasy resource?) but it also hints some personality
Khan Khubilai (though it was also he that ordered to attack Japan oversea.)
Three Venetians thrived in his generosity and Openness of His imperial
Doctrine without territorial border and cultural acceptance. Il Tatar
historians wrote chronicles of Mongolian Empire and they were used in Symbol
of Empire of Timur or Tamerlane (It Timur Cripple) and Indian Mughal Empire

IMO, Antigod Concept of Sheng Seleris Personality was Cause of Recent
Greggery and
still some possibility to restoration of Son of Sun. Some Mongolian Empire
resources are utilized such as "Three Brothers divided The World" in
Fortunate Succession:

Mongolian had Nomadic or Germanic Karolingern "Barbaristic" inheritance
law rather than First Son inheritance of more Oriental Centralized Imperial
Structure. (Even Islamic or Chinese Qing Dynasty (with many nomadic
tradition) Halim generally used First Prince to Post of Successor.)

AFAIK, Convulsion2K test Redland (or K'Har As Zing) Rebellion under
Administration of Greg Stafford: I expect some more description about Pentan
Horde of Nomad and circumstance of 100 years of Glory of Seleran Empire.

Johm Hughes NAT?:

>The world of Glorantha is complex, engrossing, occasionally frustrating,
>always tremendous fun. It's a contemporary example of a shared fantasy
>world, a psychological and social creation whose ancestors include
>and Dante, the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead', 'The Journey to the West
>(Monkey)', Edward Abbott Abbott's 'Flatland' and the thought worlds of
>Albert Einstein. To enter Glorantha is begin an other-worldly journey.
>Throughout human history, such journeys and worlds have served as vehicles
>for our stories and myths, vehicles for our hopes, fantasies, and wildest
>dreams, places of wonder and adventure, testing grounds for our conceptions
>of what can and cannot be.

Profoundness maybe ate originality: (please read this head with smell and
itch to eyes
 of onion stimulation. (imagination))

Firefly in Great Darkness


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