Dragonewt in Sartar

From: Master Gollum (llimac@geocities.com)
Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 18:30:25 EET

I'm thrilled for your quick reply, thanks Thomas, Peter, Jose, Michael
and Martin!

After War of Dragonkill in 1120 the Dragon Pass convert a dragonewt and
uz domain.
I ask me, how is possible that orlanthi conquist this land? What is the
actual (HW time) importance of dragonewts in Sartar? Is the power of
inhuman king slight? Why didn't he oppose to lunar invasion? Princeros,
Dinacoli, Vantaros and Malani are near Dragon's Eye; how is the relation
between orlanthi tribes and them?
I've ever thought about dragonwet as an organized society. They was part
of First Council and they are governed by the inhuman kings, their vital
cycle condition their social hierarchy.

Master Gollum


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