Re: HW off track?

From: Eric Rowe (
Date: Wed 15 Mar 2000 - 19:44:43 EET

>I heard a rumour that HW's release has been pushed back until end
>of April. Any truth to that? (I heard this from a game store
>owner, whom I trust, who heard it from one of his suppliers, whom
>I don't necessarily trust.)

Baring the usual unforseen calamities all Hero Wars parts for the
Deluxe Game will be at the printer by Monday. After that it is
up to the printer to turn them around in 3 weeks, then another
two to get them into stores mailing them to and fro. Greg will
be at the GAMA trade show next week showing retailers the new
products and giving them all demonstration kits to start building
interest in the game before it is out.


Eric Rowe
Wizard's Attic Publishing Services


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