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Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 00:00:06 EET

Master Gollum:

>After War of Dragonkill in 1120 the Dragon Pass convert a dragonewt and
>uz domain.

The Beast People were also very strong.

>I ask me, how is possible that orlanthi conquist this land?

The Dragonewts were never very populous and the troll strength
in Dragon Pass was destroyed after they picked a fight with the
'newts in 1222 (this even broke the troll dominance of the
Kingdom of Night). The Grazers entered Dragon Pass shortly
afterwards so the Uz never had a chance to recover.

>What is the
>actual (HW time) importance of dragonewts in Sartar?

The Dragonewts do damned little but humans using draconic magics
(learned from the same 'newts) will achieve heroic deeds, such
as awakining the Brown Dragon and pulling down the Red Moon.

>Is the power of
>inhuman king slight? Why didn't he oppose to lunar invasion?

Dragonewts do not think like humans do and the Inhuman King least
of all. The Lunars have not invaded Dragonewt territory so there
is no reason for him to declare war on the Lunars. Furthermore
the Lunars have managed to hire Dragonewts in their battles.

>Dinacoli, Vantaros and Malani are near Dragon's Eye; how is the relation
>between orlanthi tribes and them?

Last time anybody was close to the Dragonewts, the end result was the
Dragonkill War. Thus the Orlanthi treat the 'newts politely and keep
their distance.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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