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From: Bob Stancliff (
Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 00:35:18 EET

> If you play a RPG as you'd play a boardgame, or a
>wargame, you're not role-playing
        Well, an over limiting definition. You can only play the simulation
portion of an RPG as a war-game. the rest of the time you are either
story-telling or role-playing. The fourth style, power-gaming, can occur
anytime, but is often tied to the war-gaming style.
        Each style looks at the world and game from a different direction. Each
can be enjoyable and everyone has one or two that they prefer. When
similar style players get together, the games are usually fun. If
contrasting styles get together, boredom, tension, and arguments will

>If you and your friends meet each Friday evening to
>tell jokes you are not doing "true" role-play <snip>
>And to role-play properly a character you have
>to understand how he perceives his world.
        Frankly, I don't -like- "true" role-playing, it bores me. that's why I
stay out of live-action games. If I stay in character more than two
minutes I am ready to go to the next scene. I prefer story-telling and
war-gaming. That doesn't make me wrong, just different. Most of my group
feel the same and we have a lot of fun.
        This also doesn't mean that I don't have a firm grip on "Glorantha as the
inhabitants see it", at least within the region we play, but my play style
is just different. We minimize the time spent on interactions to put more
time into moving the story.

>better role-playing groups should IMHO aim at level 3
>Better war-gaming group probably will aim at level 1,
>better writers at level 2 and better scientists at level 4.
        I feel that the fundamental flaw was for someone to start calling these
levels. They are not ranked, they are corners, points of view, or
projections of the essential whole.
        View 1 is important to war-gamers, and power-gamers,
        View 2 is important to everyone, you can't hero-quest without it,
        View 3 is important to story-tellers and role-players,
        View 4 is important to power-gamers and anyone who wants their PC to
shape the world.
        All four are important to GM's who have to write the stories, run the
battles, provide character interactions, and have some opinions on how
things really work so that they can interpret unexpected actions and
interpolate mythic effects.
        It is impossible to restrict yourself to only one view and still actually
play the game.
Stancliff (the other Boggle)


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