Re: Dragonewt in Sartar

From: Andrew Raphael (
Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 03:25:14 EET

>I ask me, how is possible that orlanthi conquist this land?

The dragonewts don't really use the land. They hunt in it, zip through
on dragonewt roads, conduct incomprehensible ceremonies in it. They
don't occupy it like the Orlanthi farmers do. So the dragonewts
noticed the Orlanthi infrequently. Most of the time, dragonewts
humans (and trolls, elves, dwarves, etc., etc,.).

>Is the power of inhuman king slight? Why didn't he oppose to lunar invasion?

No, the Inhuman King is very powerful and very, very alien. Perhaps it
wasn't paying attention to the invasion, or perhaps the Lunars had
allied it in some way.

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