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Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 10:49:09 EET

Alexandre Lanciani wrote :

>> You're an elitist bastard too. There's only one truth about playing
>> RPGs: if you have fun doing it, you are doing it right.
> Well, yes and no IMHO. The point of roleplaying games is to have fun (it's
>a game after all) *roleplaying*. Otherwise there is no reason to call them
>RPGs, no?

> If you play a RPG as you'd play a boardgame, or a wargame, you're not
>roleplaying, but you are... Boardgaming? Wargaming? If you and your friends
>meet each Friday evening to tell jokes you are not doing "true" roleplay,
>you are telling funny jokes.


Oh dear, why is this still going on?

<Graham proceeds to ignore his own advice, and prolongs it a little

I don't know about anyone else, but I find this whole "level 3 is better"
"no no level 2 is better" crap very strange. The group I play with now,
and every group I've played with for the past ten years or so, have
alternated freely between levels 1, 2 and 3, occassionally touching on
level 4.

I've run and played Runequest (and other rpgs) the length and breadth of
britain, including national conventions, and never come across a group
this isn't true of. And everyone seemed to have been enjoying it at the

I personally don't believe anyone does this - yes immersion in the
character is a good thing, and highly enjoyable. But don't tell me you
don't get a level 1 thrill when that desperate last ditch dice roll lands
on 01...


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