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Wanna argue about "What's the best way to play an RPG"? Take it to

I loved Bryan's Heortling legal poem: very fine. The irrational bits and
useful explanations remind me of real barbarian lawcodes, not the "Table of
Weregilds" approach you find in some gaming materials.

> No, the Inhuman King is very powerful and very, very alien. Perhaps
> it wasn't paying attention to the invasion, or perhaps the Lunars had
> allied it in some way.

Lunar use of Dragonewt Mercenaries may be linked to Tarsh Kings' attempts to
become High King of Dragon Pass -- a title first conferred by the Inhuman
King, IIRC.

Master Gollum:

> Where is Kethaela? In my maps this land is changing. Some at south of
> Maniria (between Esloria and Ramalia), others comprise the Shadowlands,
> Heorland and Esloria. I discover a map of Sartar where Kethaela is only
> the Shadowlands.

"Kethaela" is another, older name for the Pharoah's Holy Country, which
consists of the Shadow Plateau, Esrolia, Caladraland, Heortland, and the
Right and Left Arm Islands of the Mirrorsea Bay. Your map of Sartar must
have been labelling the bit of Kethaela that appeared on it, not the whole.
The appearance between Esrolia and Ramalia is probably incorrect, though
again it may have been a "floating" label (off to one side) rather than an

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