4 Levels of gaming

From: Rick Meints (RMEINTS@ford.com)
Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 13:20:03 EET

One of my favorite topics rears it's ugly, elitist, pidgeon-holing

I sincerely wish that everyone would stop putting value judgements
on other people's Roleplaying styles. What does it really accomplish,
other than provoking hostile responses or agreements to disagree?
As for me, I "play" roleplaying games. I don't worry about my play
habits and whether they consist of mere joke telling, power gaming,
mini-maxing, wargaming, thespian style acting, complete immersion,
or virtual reality. I'm most interested in playing the game. If you
the gaming group you're in, what else matters?

As for dragonewts in Dragon Pass...

Dragonewts aren't an expansionist race. They haven't built any new
cities or had any population growth that I've ever read of. They are
largely a status-quo people. Since everything they do is supposed
to be totally alien to the way "people" do things, I don't find this
surprising. When other people move into an area that has Dragonewts
nearby, the typical Dragonewt reaction tends to be total indifference,
unless you provoke them with hostile actions. Even then, they might
ignore you. Then again, your sleepy village may never have done
anything to provoke dragonewts and one night they burn the whole
place down, take everyone prisoner, shave everyone's head, build
a mini stonehenge, and then fade into the night. They give a small
emerald pig to a small girl. Only male children are born
for the next two seasons. There are no explanations in sight.
I like it that way.

See you at Convuslion 2000,


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