Re: Healing the Mind

From: Kevin Rose (
Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 22:04:50 EET


Asked about the Healing the mind ideas. As far as I can remeber the basic
suggestion was to make it up. Preferably to work with the players to make
it up. David Dunham seemed to say what you are looking for:

"There probably is a myth for this. A full-blown cult isn't going to
be able to exist based on the paltry number of myths known to us
non-Gloranthans. There must be dozens of Chalana Arroy myths we don't
know yet. So, make it up. Get your players to suggest ideas.

Then you have to decide whether the Chalanan already knows the myth
(which is quite likely), or whether he has to obtain it somehow
(maybe the Chalana cult in East Ralios is known to have this myth).

Performing this myth wouldn't create a spell, it would result in the
effect. (Performing the Orlanth and Aroka heroquest doesn't give you
the spell Stop Drought, it *does* stop the drought.)

BTW, the myth Robin Laws wrote for King of Dragon Pass is summarized:
"Chalana Arroy performs four great acts of mercy, curing Orlanth of
his bloodlust, healing a disease suffered by Kolat, convincing Urox
not to slay a chaos god, and bringing King Heort back to life over
the protests of the death god, Humakt."

Curing bloodlust probably does count as healing someone's mind."



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