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Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000 - 01:02:33 EET

Viktor Haag wondered

>I heard a rumour that HW's release has been pushed back until end
>of April. Any truth to that?

Last week, Greg was telling people that the layout and printing might
take a month or two -- that is for at least 3 books (depending on how
you count), however.

I wouldn't consider *any* date which involves printers to be firm,
based on my own experiences...

Master Gollum wrote

>After War of Dragonkill in 1120 the Dragon Pass convert a dragonewt and
>uz domain.
>I ask me, how is possible that orlanthi conquist this land? What is the
>actual (HW time) importance of dragonewts in Sartar? Is the power of
>inhuman king slight? Why didn't he oppose to lunar invasion? Princeros,
>Dinacoli, Vantaros and Malani are near Dragon's Eye; how is the relation
>between orlanthi tribes and them?

Play King of Dragon Pass to see how...

My personal opinion is that there aren't all that many dragonewts,
and they prefer to remain aloof from human affairs these days.

If you'll recall, the dragonewts were hired as mercenaries against Boldhome.

>I've ever thought about dragonwet as an organized society. They was part
>of First Council and they are governed by the inhuman kings, their vital
>cycle condition their social hierarchy.

The Ralian dragonews survive just fine without their Inhuman King
(killed by Alakoring, I believe).

Alexandre Lanciani asked

>were can I find a description of the Decapitation
>Ritual of Admittance into the city? I really can't imagine it, much less
>describe it to the players!

Hmm, it's been a while since we played that -- isn't this in
Enclosure 1 or 2? I think it had to do with a ritual decapitation --
you didn't actually lose your head, but you showed that you were dead
so that you could enter into Alkoth, which is like one giant
Enclosure. It might have involved a guard whacking your neck with a
bundle of reeds.

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