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Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 22:37:13 EET

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> A little while ago, I asked about info on how a Chalanan would go
>about healing someone's mind. Including in the responses were references
>to a couple of myths that might serve as the basis for a hero quest. Well,
>my players just indicated that they want to attempt this HQ in order to
>heal the mind of the local healer. Unfortunately, I seem to misplaced the
>references to the mind-healing myths. Would someone out there be kind
>enough to offer suggestions again about which ones would work? Many

Well, in the CA heroquest in KoDP there's a section where Orlanth is
going berserk and She 'heals his wounded judgement'. Other than that, I
can't offer any ideas.

When one of my NPCs went bonkers (after reading a certain Purple Book)
the party eventually found a 'healer of the mind' in Nochet willing to
take the case on. The fact that he was an Illuminant.... Well, they
didn't let it come between them...
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