Re: The Glorantha Digest V7 #469

Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000 - 03:42:23 EET

Wulf Corbett:

<< So, question is, from the write-up on the Issaries website, it looks like
old style Spirit magic is no more - no more Bladesharps, Ignites, Befuddles,
etc. in use by the common man (so to speak). Is that right? Or am I
misinterpreting incomplete information?>>

      The common man has access to magic, but the same rules are not used to
describe the magic. In the case of Orlanthi, for instance, the 'common man'
is likely an initiate of one of the Orlanth cults (or Ernalda, if a 'common
woman'), and thus has access to the magical affinities and feats of that
deity - although at a lower level than the Storm Voices and other priests do.
The 'common starting PC', OTOH, could be an initiate or devotee of any of a
wide range of different cults, with magic to match.
     However, the specific spells from RQ are no more, and you only really do
spirit magic if you in some way worship spirits (as the Praxians, hsunchen,
kolatings, etc. do). Low level worshippers of gods just use low level theist
(divine) magic.

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