HW superheroes.

From: David Cake (dave@difference.com.au)
Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000 - 03:52:33 EET

>I specifically wanted some input on using Hero Wars as the engine wherein
>to play 4-color comic book superheroes. It looks very nicely made for it.
>That is why I posted those descriptions--what would Superman and Batman's
>writeups be if modelling them using Hero Wars?
>Too bad that some folks decided to instead invent a straw man to joust
>against rather than take my question literally and at face value.

        Hero Wars would indeed work well as the engine for a super hero
game. The 'straw man comments' did point out an important aspect of HW for
this use, though - the description sets what abilities ARE, but not how
powerful they are - so a superhero character really needs to be in a
superhero game. You would, however, probably want to set your campaign
starting level differently - ie allow your players to start some numbers of
abilities at at least a W2 level, or some similar combination. Its worth
noting though that Supes and Bats have a fair bit of experience in their
current incarnations, and a game shouldn't really be expected to generate
them as beginning characters (well, perhaps it should be expected to
generate their 1950s versions, which is a good deal easier).
        Apart from that, they would work fine.
        If you don't want people to get your assumptions wrong, state them
- - if you want to use HW as a superhero game, state that, rather than just
assume everyone will pick that from context given that HW will explicitly
be a Gloranthan game.

        Hero Wars actually models fairly well I think the common comics
narrative event where new uses for powers are often being discovered -
"perhaps if I rub my hands together super fast, that will generate enough
static electricity to disrupt his electronic mind control ray" Narrator:
"OK, -20 penalty but go for it" - which is not handled well by games like
Champions. And it also makes abilities that are somewhat ephemeral or
loosely defined, but that come up fairly often in comics narrative (like
Hal Jordans willpower, or batmans gadget supply) relatively easy to handle
in play. Which is, of course, one of the reasons its good for Gloranthan
superheroes too.


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