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Bryan asked how to stat up Batman. The actual numbers depend on the
level of campaign you want. As usual, most superlatives are ignored.

> "Criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot." Traumatized as a boy from
> witnessing his parents' murder, young Bruce Wayne used his vast fortune
> to hone his physical and mental abilities to the absolute peak of human
> perfection. He is universally acknowledged as the greatest detective to
> have ever lived. Likewise, he is a master of several martial arts and
> weapons, an accomplished scientist in many fields, and sufficiently
> skilled in disguise and acting to pass all but the most diligent of
> expert scrutiny. His wealth encompasses multinational corporations and
> has been used to finance the most extensive and complete anti-crime
> laboratory on the planet. His equipment includes the Batcar and a wide
> variety of gadgets that he puts to use in the field.

Here are the abilities:
Thinks criminals are cowardly and superstitious [you could win some
arguments using this ability, but it's not terribly useful]
Traumatized [sort of a disadvantage, Narrators can make use of this]
Wealthy (or call it Vast Fortune if you prefer)
Detective [a keyword that gives other abilities, like interrogation,
spot clues, etc.]
Martial arts
Weapon [none listed, so improvisational modifiers will apply]
Scientist [none of the fields are listed, so improvisational
modifiers will apply]
Anti-Crime Laboratory [yes, this is an ability]
Wide variety of gadgets [again, an ability -- I'd have him roll to
see if he has the right gadget]

You might argue for a reputation (as detective).

Bryan, I think you need more practice at creating Hero Wars
characters. That's 122 words and you have almost no abilities, having
wasted your space saying how great he is (and duplicating wealth).
"Physical and mental abilities" is so vague as to be useless (or if
you convinced me to allow them, would be so vague as to have huge
improvisational penalties because they are so general). You also left
out all of Batman's connections -- where is the commissioner and
Robin and Alfred? (Allies and followers are vital in Hero Wars.)
Where is the Batcave? I'm not up enough on Batman lore to do a better
job, but I think you could create a far more interesting character
with fewer superlatives and more abilities. Oh, and you should have a
character goal.

The actual numbers would depend on the level of the campaign -- I'd
put the highest on Detective and second highest on Wealthy.
Adjectives are meaningless.

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