Starbrow's lover, continue

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Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000 - 11:41:41 EET

Hi everyone,

>Actually the King of Sartar says it's Polestar, which makes more
>sense with the star on her head that Orlanth would do.

But the reference you gave (p38) is quite late (Argrath's Saga)
and contradicted elsewhere (p130) which indicates that the
Wind Children helped him instead. So the statement is not
necessarily authoritative.

I just read the page 130. There is something about Mularik but no
reference to the Wind Children. Maybe you meant another page...

>I remember
>that the choreography at the ritual in 1625 at the new temple was
>hightly stelar inluenced in my opinion, one more hint why Kallyr was so

But a priest of Polaris was already present there and Kallyr
was present as part of Orlanth's Ring.

This is true, IMHO it the Kallyr's stellar knowlegde which makes her
qualify for the position in the Ring of Orlanth, not that she was the
priest of Polaris, or battled for this position there. Sorry if I
made myself not clear enough last time. And if it's Orlanth who is
her lover, why does she have a star on her brow ? I mean apart from
the Ring of Orlanth, where is there a connection to him and stars ?

Ok, admitted a storm rune would be too much stereotyped, but usually
it's like this, you have something funny on your brow which looks
like *something* and then you get attributed things because of that.
So if Starbrow has a star on her brow (which is very likely, since
her name), the people would say she's Polestar's lover (or something
like that), true or not. And then she would be known in the stories
of the people as the lover of him, since a connection to Orlanth is
bye, Thomas

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