From: simon_hibbs@lycosmail.com
Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000 - 14:01:23 EET

Mikko Rintasaari

>The reason I responded to this thread at all was because I was rather
>surprised at the somewhat rabid denial of the original wrighters
>position. Just because he used an apparent "value judgement", which has
>for some strange reason become a tabu and a swearword.

There was nothing 'apparent' about it. He made a clear pronouncement
what he considered to be better and worse roleplaying. Personaly I
don't think this is an appropriate forum for insulting people's style
of play. I've got taboos about things like that, yes.

> It's quite as abusive to so readily lable somebody as an oppressive nazi
>for presenting his preference on roleplaying.

There is a difference between saying "I prefer roleplaying using method X"
and "I am a better roleplayer than you because I use method X".

I will quite happily discuss this in private email, since I can understand
if this is getting tedious.

Simon Hibbs


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