Alkothi questions [part 2]

From: Alexandre Lanciani (
Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000 - 18:08:25 EET

[Martin Laurie]

> Alex (Of Italian ilk) asks:
> >PS: speaking of Alkoth, were can I find a description of the Decapitation
> >Ritual of Admittance into the city? I really can't imagine it, much less
> >describe it to the players!

> Its mentioned in Enclosure, but I'm sure you knew that. There is
> no detail
> on the ritual however.

        Exactly! I was intrigued by the idea, but needed more details. Now my
players will have to thank you for the wonderful ritual I shall inflict them
[I can fill a session with this ;)]. Nonetheless, I still have some

> The
> Alkoth do not have a problem entering or leaving the place as it
> is part of
> them to enter the land of the dead and then re-enter the land of
> the living.
> Its their mythic cycle. The cycle of Shargash

        Does that also apply to the Weeders? Or do these poor peasants have to be
decapitated every time they come into the city to sell their food and wares?

I think that the Weeders shouldn't qualify as Alkothi, but all the markets
of Alkoth are inside the gates! And anyway trade is important in Alkoth - at
least this is what Khorvash (the character of the "What my Father...") tells
his son.

        Wouldn't it make more sense to have an outer city, outside the wall, where
the Purified and the Impure may meet on neutral ground (even a transient
town, which breaks up at the beginning of winter), and an Inner City
reserved for those who have been deemed worthy of dwelling in the house of
the destroyer?

> Yelm, there is a bleak dark, stormy and malevolent (unless you're
> an Alkothi,
> then its peaceful and wonderous).

        But it's still bleak dark, stormy and malevolent, isn't it? :)

> Step 1: You are tested by the gate priests for signs of
> Kazkurtum, who must
> not be allowed in, nor ever has. If you are chaotic, or manifest
> evil ways,
> you are not only forbidden entrance, but are attacked and hacked
> to pieces in
> His name.

        Even an Ogre cloaked by Detection Blank (or similar effect)? BTW, how would
an Humakti behave in Alkoth? Would he feel at home, or would he see undead
everywhere? Would he feel like an undead himself?

        As I understand it, this Decapitation Ritual is like a temporary lay
membership into Shargash's cult, much like entering in a river cult to
navigate that river's waters. That would entail all kind of runic
incompatibilities. Something more to think upon...

        An Alex who will soon convert all of Italy to the Lunar Way.


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