Humakti in Alkoth

Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000 - 19:28:21 EET

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<< Step 2: You are grabbed by the guards, forced onto a chopping block and
 beheaded with a reed axe. Though the axe does not bite your flesh, it does
 bite your soul. In effect you feel dead, you feel seperation of soul and
 body and the full horror of that, yet they inhabit the same point and can
 interact as normal.

I assume that this makes entering Alkoth to be off limits for Humakti. Or at
least leaving Alkoth, since they would be being ressurected. Am I correct in
thinking this? Also, do non-Alkothi who leave the city feel the urge to join
the Humakt cult as per normal resurrectees?.

Keith N


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