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Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000 - 19:28:24 EET

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 I specifically wanted some input on using Hero Wars as the engine wherein
 to play 4-color comic book superheroes. It looks very nicely made for it.>>

I agree, it is almost more like a superhero rpg than a 'fantasy' (whatever
that means) rpg. However, I too was fooled into thinking it was a blatant
attempt to rubbish the narrative character creation method by deliberate
power gaming.
<< That is why I posted those descriptions--what would Superman and Batman's
 writeups be if modelling them using Hero Wars? >>

Since they are already powerful, much more so than normal humans, I would
make the starting characteristics more high level; a few levels of mastery
for the top ability? Incredible Hulk versus Harrek anyone?

But I would suggest that Comic Super Heroes is more a subject for a HW rules
list rather than the Glorantha Digest.

Keith N


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