Humakti in Alkoth

Date: Sat 18 Mar 2000 - 09:02:12 EET

<< Step 2: You are grabbed by the guards, forced onto a chopping block and
 beheaded with a reed axe. Though the axe does not bite your flesh, it does
 bite your soul. In effect you feel dead, you feel seperation of soul and
 body and the full horror of that, yet they inhabit the same point and can
 interact as normal.

Keith asks:
>I assume that this makes entering Alkoth to be off limits for Humakti. Or at
>least leaving Alkoth, since they would be being ressurected. Am I correct in
>thinking this?

No, because Humakti do not acknowledge the seperation and reunifiaction one
feels on entering and leaving Alkoth as being true death. The recognise the
ambiguity as being the reason for their cults ways. To Humakti severance is
a true sundering of soul and body. What the Alkothi practice is the bringing
of underworld and upper world together, to a time when the living and the
dead were walking together. The Humakti would in some ways do a similar
thing when entering the underworld on a HQ themselves. True death is
something they cannot come back from. A Humakti in Alkoth can come back out
and be alive, after feeling dead. Seeing as this would be impossible to a
Humakti if it were _true_ death, the experience cannot be true death at all,
and is therefore not a problem!

>Also, do non-Alkothi who leave the city feel the urge to join
>the Humakt cult as per normal resurrectees?.

Possibly, but only if it were part of the pantheon. Dara Happans would not
think in this manner. They might worship Bijiif Yelm or perhaps Deshkorgos
as a result of the experience but those who enter the city are prepared
usually and are adept enough to handle the experience.

Martin Laurie


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