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<< 20.000 are the dragonwets of Dragon Pass. If most of them live Dragon's
 Eye lands, how subsist? I think for hunter society is impossible
 maintain a great city, it need some infrastructure. If orlanthi farmer
 the land they take dragonwet habitat. Where hunter after? For feed
 20.000 mouth it need a lot of food!>>

IF you take the Dragonewt cities of as being reasonably similar, with the
Dragon's Eyes about three times the normal size then you get approx. 2500
newts per city. I think it beter to refer to the cities as nests because I
don't believ ethe newts have much of a home life, they don't hang around at
home like humans do, they are out doin weird things all over the countryside.
Bear in mind that dragonewts, unlike most other intelligent creatures, don't
have children to bring up, or old folks to look after, and therefore have it
relatively easy on a survival front. Also, don;t spend too much time worrying
about their diet because I think that it is as mysterious as the rest of
dragonewt behaviour. I picture them as, for the most part, carnivores that
feed irregularly and infrequently. From a hunting POV also remember that with
their roads they can cover huge ranges in search of prey.

Keith N


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