Re: HW and Superheros

Date: Sat 18 Mar 2000 - 21:13:29 EET

Bryan Maloney:

<< The thing about Superham and Batguy is that they are also common
benchmarks for "as good as it pretty well darn gets", so I'd like to see what
people would think that is.>>

     In HW 'as good as it gets without being a demigod' is around 20W3,
although that still implies abilities way beyond human norms. Although it may
depend what you're being good at - is a mountain a demigod because it has a
really big High stat? ;-)
<< Just how fast IS a speeding bullet? How powerful IS a locomotive?>>

    Not having anything obvious in HW or Glorantha to use as a benchmark, I'm
afraid I can't answer those.

<< How big a jump is it to get over the Sears Tower? >>

    Gonn Orta (150 m tall) has Large 5W5, if that's any help.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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