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Date: Sat 18 Mar 2000 - 22:57:53 EET

Bryan follows up his Hero Wars question

> The thing about Superham and Batguy is that they are also common
> benchmarks for "as good as it pretty well darn gets", so I'd like to see
> what people would think that is.

Whatever you want it to be. (And I can tell you that in my campaign,
it probably has one or two fewer mastery runes than in Greg's

I'll discuss more in a more appropriate forum if you really want.

Trotsky added (with a lot more Gloranthan relevance)

> is a mountain a demigod because it has a really big High stat? ;-)

This is a great way to justify the existence of all the land spirits
in Glorantha!

Guy wondered

> if an Orlanthi has done something that causes him to lose
> honour, the respect of his clan etc, are there any quests he can undertake
> in order to redeem himself?

Plenty, though of course performing a quest usually requires the help
of your clan...

Actually, succeeding at just about any quest would give you respect
- -- most people aren't powerful enough to heroquest.

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