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Date: Sun 19 Mar 2000 - 02:40:23 EET


due to my partner's (un)timely knee injury, and the 'better late than
never' realisation that writing stuff for publication takes longer than you
think, my Tentacles submission deadline has rushed upon me.

I'm still writing and editing furiously, and was going to leave the pieces
very stats-lite. (They already have some very nice Hero Wars stats thanks
to Wesley, however these are illustrative at several points, rather than
consistent throughout.)

But I've decided that I'd very much like to throw in some RQ3 stats at the
most important places, and I wonder if anyone has time over the next week
and a half to whip some up for me. I'll be continually writing and editing
up until the deadline, and so simply do not have time. (Messing with Stats
is also not my strong point!)

Nothing complicated required, simple summaries will do nicely - conversion
of a few things from RQ2, skimming the scenario to get a general idea of
the strength required for the NPCs you would be detailing. Ownership of
'Pavis and Big Rubble', or just 'Big Rubble', an advantage. (And if you do
fancy fleshing out one or two of the personality NPCs with a larger piece
of work, their stats will be credited as your creation.)

In any case, credit will be given in the acknowledgements section of any
piece that stats are created for.

Please mail me if you are interested.

Also, if someone with access to the Rules Digest can contact me, I'll get
them to post this there too.



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