Re: HW Superheroics

Date: Sun 19 Mar 2000 - 11:20:20 EET

David Dunham:

<< > The thing about Superham and Batguy is that they are also common
> benchmarks for "as good as it pretty well darn gets", so I'd like to see
> what people would think that is.
 Whatever you want it to be. (And I can tell you that in my campaign, it
probably has one or two fewer mastery runes than in Greg's campaign.) >>

     To a certain extent, the HW books will apply benchmarks for power
levels, by virtue of including stats for NPCs and the like. For instance,
once we know that Gonn Orta had Large 5W5 that implies things, not only about
the Large of other giants, but about the High of Pavis' walls, or the Large
of the Block. I doubt it dictates a definite figure, but it does at least
imply a sensible range of possibilities.
    Having said that, its far easier to ignore such guidelines in HW than it
would be to convert RQ so that characteristics ranged from 2-12 instead of
3-18, for example. Inevitably, there will be variations between different
people's games.
<< Trotsky added (with a lot more Gloranthan relevance) >>

    Until there's an *official* HW list, I'll consider the GD an equally good
forum for discussion of the game as for the setting (which is not to detract
from the unofficial fora that have sprung up, just to say that I don't think
they have any direct bearing on the GD).
<< > is a mountain a demigod because it has a really big High stat? ;-)
 This is a great way to justify the existence of all the land spirits in
Glorantha! >>

      Indeed so, and in some traditions, mountains are demigods not least
because of their significant Bigness. But I, for one, don't want to put to
much into the 'higher than 20W3 and you're a demigod' guideline, especially
where inanimate objects are concerned (and, yes, I know that, from the
animist POV, there aren't any really inanimate objects, but still...)

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