Re: A Rule Book Ate My Fetish

Date: Sun 19 Mar 2000 - 11:20:22 EET

John Hughes:

<< >> However, the specific spells from RQ are no more, and you only
really do
>>spirit magic if you in some way worship spirits (as the Praxians,
>>kolatings, etc. do). Low level worshippers of gods just use low level
>>(divine) magic.
 Given that spirit magic is more important in low-level, "Tommy Trollkin and
the flint spear initiands scrambling for turnips and dreaming of stealing a
sheep" -type campaigns, you can understand this particular aspect of HW, and
possibly not be too worried about spirit magic falling into one of its
scalability holes.>>

     Since, in HW, spirit magic can be just as powerful as divine magic, I'm
not sure I understand your point here.

<< Having said that, pretending that spirit magic ain't important or doesn't
exist would strike me as a particularly daft retcon. Heortling Orlanthi for
example, have always had a strong animistic subtradition mixed with their
theism, and in HW terms this means remembering those inherited fetishes (aka
spell matrices) in our precious hundred word write-ups. The standardised
character generation doesn't exactly highlight this, but GMs
 errr narrators can and will. Rules for fetishes and spirits who supply
spells are part of HW. >>

     Indeed. While the HW rules imply that Heortlings use little, if any,
spirit magic (aside from the kolatings), I don't think they should be taken
in any way as the definitive guide to Heortling magic. Rather, they attempt
to give an overview of how divine magic works across Glorantha, and deal with
what such traditions have in common, rather than what sets them apart. I
suspect we'll have to wait for Thunder Rebels to get a clearer picture of how
exactly spirit magic is woven into Heortling magical traditions, which it
obviously must be.
<< General release may produce 'unofficial' translations of old spirit spells
in the first months of general release, even if only as part of (equally and
properly unofficial) 'translating your character of fifteen years from
FMLGTSNBM' guides.>>

     There's no dispute that spells which have similar effect to the old
spirit magic spells do exist, and are used among the Heortlings. OK, so
bladesharp would be called 'augment bladed weapon*' and would be described as
a low level divine feat in rules terms, but that doesn't mean it doesn't


     Certainly, they should be scalable, IMO. The HW feat 'augment bladed
weapon', would be like bladesharp when its at 15 or so, but would merge into
Truesword by the time its reached 15W.

<< I guess the general point of my raving is this: HW ain't Glorantha, any
more than RQ or PDP or for that matter KODP is Glorantha.>>

     No, but it is, at least in intent, a closer match to Gloranthan
'reality' than RQ was. But not the be-all and end-all, by any means, I agree.

* well, actually, it could be called 'bladesharp' if you like, since that
would be a damn sight more clear than many of the incomprehensible,
undefined, spells with which the HW rulebook is sadly littered.

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