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From: Alexandre Lanciani (alexanl@tin.it)
Date: Sun 19 Mar 2000 - 12:21:47 EET

ALKOTH & The Empirical Humakti
- ------
        Thanks Martin for the answers, I hope SGU will be out soon or I won't be

able to hold my next burst of questions.

        One answer in particular struck me:

> True death is something they cannot come back from. A Humakti in Alkoth
can come back out and be alive, after feeling dead. Seeing as this would be
impossible to a Humakti if it were _true_ death, the experience cannot be
true death at all, and is therefore not a problem!

        GREAT answer, and very in character with the practical behavior I expect
from some Humakti (not those who spend their time meditating over the Truth
of Death as opposed to the Illusion of Life, I think...)!

- ----
[Christoph Kohring]

> All hail the Reaching Storm ! Smash the _luna rossa_ !

        Well, the Luna Rossa (a moonboat of course) has already been thoroughly
defeated by Dark Trolls' black magical dances, but we believe that every
Empty Victory is followed by a Full Victory. So I guess we will just have to

- ----
[John Hughes]

> I have my own theories on the relationship between Elmal and
> Vinga, and its
> not exactly 'loyal friendship', but that will be explored in the
> next TOTRM
> so I'll shaddup for now.

        That's a pity! IMG I portray them as the brotherly friends who could sleep
together without any implications, but... That would raise some rather
embarrassing questions about Elmal, I think.

        BTW I didn't make it up, but I can't remember where I have read of this
relationship. Can somebody help me?

- ----
        IMO absolutely the former. I tried the rules for the first time yesterday,
and it felt like playing an hypothetical Samurai Showdown RPG! I thought
maybe we didn't have firm grasp on what was happening but then I watched an
old Saint Seyia's episode with my "mental HW rules interpreter" on and
everything checked perfectly.

        I don't know what to say... It's great! ;) (Yes, I know that's OT here, but
how do I subscribe to a Hero Wars list?)

        A random Alex.


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