Re: Economy of Dragonewts

From: Benedict Adamson (
Date: Sun 19 Mar 2000 - 14:22:42 EET

> Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 15:54:42 +0100
> From: Master Gollum <>
> Subject: Economy of dragonwets
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> 20.000 are the dragonwets of Dragon Pass. If most of them live Dragon's
> Eye lands, how subsist? I think for hunter society is impossible
> maintain a great city, it need some infrastructure. If orlanthi farmer
> the land they take dragonwet habitat. Where hunter after? For feed
> 20.000 mouth it need a lot of food!

Dragonewts (IIRC) try to reduce their 'entanglements' with the world.
I supose having to eat would be one, so perhaps the more spiritually
advanced Dragonewts don't eat at all, or eat very little. Or perhaps,
as Dragonewts are wierd, the relationship between what and how much
they eat and how well nourished they are is unusual.


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