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From: George W. Harris (
Date: Sun 19 Mar 2000 - 17:46:55 EET

[this certainly isn't meant to pick on Simon, and I'm aware that Mikko made
the same distinction, but still I feel this should be pointed out as long
as we're being even-handed in our evaluation of role-playing preferences...]

>Mikko Rintasaari
>>And after this rather sensible definition a great number of people rushed
>>to point their noses high into the air and demand and apology for this
>>such oppressive elitist comments.
>And quite rightly too. Although I'd have thought if anyone was sticking
>their noses high into the air, it is those people who talk about 'better
>roleplaying groups', implying that any groups who don't play the way
>they do are bad roleplaying groups.

        This is true, but...

>>I want to explore new ways of thinking, ethics and metaphysics,
>>_as_well_as_ have fun.
>So do I, but that doesn't mean I can't have a fantastic time playing an
>MGF scenario at a convention.

        ...this, in turn, by drawing a distinction between the two seems to imply
that those groups who think that new ways of thinking, ethics and
metaphysics *are* the essence of MGF are in some way bad roleplaying groups.
Which is simplistic, divisive and abusive.

- --
Doesn't the fact that there are *exactly* 50 states seem a little suspicious?

George W. Harris


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