Date: Sun 19 Mar 2000 - 22:39:38 EET

>ALKOTH & The Empirical Humakti
> Thanks Martin for the answers, I hope SGU will be out soon or I won't be
>able to hold my next burst of questions.

Greg has said he will publish it as soon as its finished. We are close to
half way through but that is pre-edit. I would say late this year for a
close to finished manuscript and thats with Wes and I working on it about
four nights or days a week (yes, we type faster than that, but its the
concepts behind the Empire that we are finding the slow part).

In the meantime please don't hesiitate to ask questions. Your Alkoth
questions were excellent thought provokers. I keep the debate on file, so
your thoughts may influence the book. If you are unsure of an Imperial
concept, anyone, you're more than welcome to ask about it. I can't guarantee
a solid answer, but we'll do our best!

Martin Laurie


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