Re: Economy of Dragonewts

From: Nick Hollingsworth (
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 01:16:43 EET

Master Gollum:
>> 20.000 are the dragonwets of Dragon Pass. ...
>> For feed 20.000 mouth it need a lot of food

Benedict Adamson (V7 #474):
> as Dragonewts are wierd, the relationship between what and how much
> they eat and how well nourished they are is unusual.

Dragon newts relationship with space is non standard (dragonewt
cities with warped space), so perhaps their relationship to time is
standard too. In this case there may not be a simple relationship
how nourished they are, when they ate and exactly which of them did

Remember, dragon kind pigged out big style in the dragon pass region.
They ate _everything_. Perhaps they are still working that off.


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