Hero Wars Rules list

From: Steve Lieb (steve@necadon.com)
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 06:18:30 EET

There IS an "official" HW Rules list.


Feel free to pose any HW Rules related question there.

AFAIK, it is THE official list solely for rules-batting, having approval for
such function from *on high*. As such, it would be the perfect place for
superhero questions, as long as they are not simply trolls for arguments
(which one might conclude are more appropriate here) :)

Not to be confused with the Hero Wars Game list, which will open when the
rules come out I think and be more focussed on the rules as representing
Glorantha and in Glorantha.

(In case, as some have suggested, the "egroups" part keeps it from being
official, let me point out something interesting I found today:


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