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Theist, Shamanist, Mystic, Logicians each have original ways and technics to
use system of world of God and Heros. Some Cultures have revered Heros and
used them as Foci of community and One union: Some culture has frame & limit
for their use with strict code : In Brithini Land, Knight (Talar or Holar
Heroquester)s always must accept guidance of Zzabur and wizard Caste except
Talar Hrestol & Holar Arkat. (Many apostates modelled their act without
- - (Dwarves use them as maintenance tools even in Symbolism of More Magical
Condition World: ) Some Cultures use similar (but not same) ways and their
heros can shift from One Hero Culture to Another (as First Inventor Arkat)
make temporal heroplane maps. Eastern Mysticism and maybe Kraloric
"Dragonewts" admitted only one personality or with some disciples in these
condition (FREX, utility of Liberation Bolt and Jerema Madoon) without
mandane folks. And some ways in one culture are forbidden and blasphemous
ways for another culture. (FREX orlanthi Lightbringer's Quest for Trolls,
God Learnish taxication to Arkati explorers, etc...) Nikk Effingham
suggested some cases in his personal site. Perhaps division between Theism &
Mysticism or Logical Sorcery may exist around there.

LIGHTBRINGER (reverse: Hill of Gold Quest?)
Many people memoried once "Sun" (you can call source of Light and Warm with
Any terms: Ehilm, Yelm, Emperor, Ersonmoda, Maluraya, ....) ruled Golden
World (later became Blue and Black) and lost in Hell during some period. Why
and what restored this condition? Dragon pass residents and GLs remember "I
fought we won" Brithini believe Tactics of Zzabur, Dwarfs plans
reconstruction with this first condition, elves teach self sacrifice of
Ernalda? Aldrya? Arroin? made "Flower Bringer" to replace. In Time, this
heroquesters can return from Hell with precious treasure as Golden Bright
Sphere if the succeed.

1) Orlanthi Culture : Very and Maybe Most Important: Note that Harmast used
this quest twice, but first he return with Arkat Humaktson (later he
, second Talor Laughing Warrior (that was fail for Harmast)
See KoS, Argrath used this quest for Revival of Sheng Seleris, but he cannot
use this system one more time when Chaos God completely ruled Lunar Empire:
because he knew Harmast use twice and "failed": Trickster

2) Earth and Elfish Culture: IMO, best source is in Sumerian & Babylonian
"Inanna or Ishtar", current Gloranthan localism and cultural anthropologism
perhaps never admit Orlanthi lightbringer. Pharaoh Belintar used this root
when he was killed in Esrolia: Dedication

3) Lunar: Seven Mothers (Consruction of Rufelza) and HonEel (creating
Children of Sun contest with Reverend Horse Mother) used "Distorted Version"
of LQ in Orlanthi Vision: Dream

4) Other Cultures: Imther Lightbringer are Polestar Arahar and Lightfore
Lagavar (& Trickster Orlanth) in New Lolon Gospel. In Pelanda, Seven High
Gods (Entekos) accepted this role: Justice?

5)Anti-heroquest: Trolls, maybe Trollish Dead wants Banishment of Sun from
their Wonderhome (and they can return without trouble as "Golden Age")
Darkbringer's Quest? Malkioni always are skeptic for Barbarous way for
Quest, and see it as Krjalki Act as when Dorastans created Pseudo-Sun Gbaji
(Luciferous False) and want to disturb it.

DRAGONSLAYER (reverse or same UTUMA)
Lord Dunsany short writing on"Sacnoth" is still useful source for
preparation ritual slaying Very-Big Lizard. Some Dragons in other cultures
often has element contact
(See Issaries Site DRAGON PANTHEON document) so Vedrus killed Enkoshons,
Orlanth killed Aroka & Sh'kaharzeel, Arakoring killed Drang, Yelm killed
Burburstus, Murharzarm killed Nestendos, etc..... Alienic Dragons sometimes
want to commit suicide and participate in world entanglement. (UTUMA) Maybe
human dragonslayers prompted their secret desire to do it. World Dragon
became world itself in Draconic sense, and Dragons can feel Time as Many
dimensional sense.

1) Kralorelan used same Dragons for Dragons, Sheng Seleris perhaps was seen
as AntiDragon as ShangHsa: Wisdom

2) EWF, Saird, Carmania?: strike their weakpoint (Sword of Dragonbone?) as
old Folktale
Hsunchen Great Spirit Hykim used by GL concept

3) Elemental Dragons: induce their Utuma with their voluntary will or

: Tolkien-style Work for Goddesses?
In Greggery Term, first Dendara was wife of Yelm after he had abandoned
infidel Ernalda. And two goddesses both belonged to Earth Pantheon (This
condition was still used in Yelmalion Regions.)
- - After that Greg got drunking in Dara Happa Work and Patriarchy made Lodril
replaced to Dirty Ground Position of Oria and Yelm became husband of Planet
(I doubt some chinese source influence from it.)
In Orlanthi term, Mother of Daga Molanni, concubine of Emperor was Nasty
Entity as her son. Enlarged World pushed Great Wind Empress over outside
Area of Western Dara Happa. Jernotian High Gods Idea (I point out Jernotians
(Karasal Satrapy)
call "Dendara" as one of them and IMO, she was wife of Idovanus at least in
Carmanian Imperial Syncretism & Goddess Area of Peloria made "Feminine
Orlanth" and complicated Mysticism.
In Entekosiad, as Valare Confused she as Sedenya. "Entekos" became aim of
her heroquest & illumination, maybe "Lightbringer".


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