Luna Rossa

From: Gian Gero (
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 11:06:53 EET

Two days ago, Alex L wrote:

[Christoph Kohring]
>All hail the Reaching Storm ! Smash the _luna rossa_ !
<<Well, the Luna Rossa (a moonboat of course) has already been thoroughly
defeated by Dark Trolls' black magical dances, but we believe that every
Empty Victory is followed by a Full Victory. So I guess we will just have to

Let me add my own mythical interpreation of that event:
The Moonboats are not designed to fly/float in the seas of the Underworld.
Black Magic sails not between Earth and Air, as the Moonboats do: it founds
its power over the dark seas of the Underworld.
Luna Rossa has managed to deafeat Orlanth's power, but is simply not
designed to fight off the power of the Uz. The defeat was so utter, though,
that this catastrophe gave Orlanthi much hope after the fall of their
Champions. Let's expect a next resurrection of their claims and in the
midtime let all of us, Luna Rossa italian lovers, follow the feats of
another Red Device (the one with a capital F) of ancient tradition...

Its first Race was won, and now? We all shall see.

In any case, we will always have the real Luna Rossa, that one that hangs
itself upon the wonderful gulf of Naples. :-)

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