Re: A Rool Book Ate My Fetish

From: Graham J Robinson (
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 11:29:06 EET

John Hughes wrote :

>Having said that, pretending that spirit magic ain't important or doesn't
>exist would strike me as a particularly daft ret con. Heortling Orlanthi
>for example, have always had a strong animistic subtradition mixed with
>their theism, and in HW terms this means remembering those inherited
>fetishes (aka spell matrices) in our precious hundred word writeups. The
>standardised character generation doesn't exactly highlight this, but GMs
>errr narrators can and will. Rules for fetishes and spirits who supply
>spells are part of HW.

Of course the fact that Spirit Talker is listed amongst the starting
professions for Heortling characters knid of implies that the Orlanthi
animist tradition is alive and well in Hero Wars.


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