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Master Gollum:

>And question ever ask me is who are Beast People's
>breeds? I know centaure, satire, (harpies?), minotaure, swan maidens of
>Kerofinela, and the others? Are mourocant and babouins Beast People? And

Beast People are properly those creatures which have elements of
man and beast combined. For example, centaurs are part of the
beast people because they have an upper human part and a lower
horse part. Morokanth and Baboons do not have human parts and so
they are not beast people.

Ducks could be considered Beast People but are not because, I
suppose, even brutish beast people dislike them. Chaotic

creatures like broos and harpies are not considered to be
beast people by anyone.

There's several other mostly obscure types of beast people, such
as the Elurae fox-women and the Rascullu (Rhino centaurs) of
the Pamaltelean veldt.

>They live mixed? Or you can find a tribe of minotaures or satires?

They live among their own kind but in (sometimes bloody) harmony
with neighbouring types of beastpeople.

>Ninfes and spirits of lands are members of their society?

I don't think so. Rather the Beast People worship them in the
same way as the Orlanthi do. KoS has Ironhoof using some rituals
with Orlanthi names.

>If they are
>the result of experiments of EWF, what was theirs purpose?

        The Dragon Pass centaurs originated when the Empire of
        the Wyrm Friends performed grotesque medical experiments
        grafting parts of creatures which were believed to be
        necessary to repopulate the mythic age sought by the
                Elder Races Book p80.

The Luatha apparently caused the formation of some centaurs
when they sank Seshnela.

>Someone know pamaltelan links?

Believed to be the result of the Six-legged Empire/Duchy of Kolar.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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